Starseed Radio is a action based radio show with a plan to help build self empowerment of one's self, family and there community through ancient knowledge, secret information and technology to sustain the planet. The commentator Jonah Bolt covers the latest in World News, Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, Earth Changes, Global Events, New Technologies, Spirituality, Sustainable Practices, Esoteric Topics, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Galactic News. Featuring ground breaking Conscious content that includes Environmental and Social Change movements, Activism and getting people more actively involved in their communities to make substantial change. Starseed Radio is hosted by Jonah Bolt, a modern day renaissance man. Jonah has traveled to over 40 countries world-wide, Has toured the US for motivational speaking, TV & Radio Interviews globally and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and energy toward people awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to help empower people through sustainability of Food, Water, FREE Energy and Education around the globe. He has built a massive network of people who also want to gather the masses to make substantial change aboard Spaceship Earth. Starseed Radio has hosted some of the world's top doctors, scientist's, spiritual leaders, presidential candidates, music artists, authors, visionaries, activists, and other special guests. Over the past 5 years of Starseed Radios broadcast, the show is now reaching listeners in over 162 countries.
The “Daily Download” & Guest Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”. Solar activity is still very minimal; Lots of Earthquake activity from around the world; Global markets still up and down; Utah is warned by geologists of an impending large quake that could take thousands of lives and cost $30 billion in damages; China, Russia and U.S. are vying for a stake in the Arctic. Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador could erupt at any time as surrounding communities remain vigilant; Journalist Petra Laszlo of Hungary’s N1TV is fired for being caught on camera tripping and kicking Syrian refugees fleeing through Hungary; A once in 50 years flood in Japan has forced over 100,000 evacuations with many still missing. Russia sends ships, aircraft and troops to Syria.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “All we gotta do is stand up and it’s game over!!!” – Endspire

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Petra Laszlo

SPECIAL GUEST: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness whose mission is to research and apply the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial experience. She created the concept of Exoconsciousness which is the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness.

Rebecca’s signature is bridging consciousness science and ET experiencers. Her work encourages us to explore the questions: Do humans have an innate ability to experience extraterrestrial contact? And if so, how does it manifest and what are the implications for our species and our planet?

Exoconsciousness is confirmation of humanity’s relationship with the Extraterrestrial Presence. At its heart, it is a social, cultural movement that joins with consciousness scientists, energy healers, spiritual practitioners, paranormal researchers and near death experiencers to transform how we humans know ourselves. Her research has broad implications for brain-based neuroscience, technology-based transhumanism, and quantum-based cosmic consciousness.

Exoconsciousness normalizes psychic abilities, telepathy and ET contact as essential for a 21st century human. Exoconscious humans birth psychic abilities, experience inter-dimensional travel and identify themselves as a cosmic beings.

Rebecca is the author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. In this emerging field of Exoconsciousness, she collaborates with consciousness scientists associated with Quantrek and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, appears in films and is a featured keynote speaker.

Currently she teaches Exoconsciousness on the faculty of International Metaphysical University (IMU). She also created and taught one of the first courses on Ufology in the U.S. at Scottsdale Community College, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rebecca has extensive experience working with UFO and extraterrestrial contactees as a coach and hypnotherapist. This work inspired her to create the concept of Exoconsciousness. She trained with Ruth Hover, PhD, a pioneer ufologist who participated in Dr. John Mack’s professional organization PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research).

Her graduate degrees include an MDiv in Philosophical Theology from Boston University School of Theology and a PhD in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her bachelor degree is in Philosophy and Religion from Otterbein University. Rebecca also studied Continental Philosophy at the Institute for European Studies in Basel, Switzerland. Rebecca is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and served as an inter-faith university chaplain at Wright State University in Ohio. Her hypnotherapy and life coach certifications are from Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.


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