Starseed Radio is a action based radio show with a plan to help build self empowerment of one's self, family and there community through ancient knowledge, secret information and technology to sustain the planet. The commentator Jonah Bolt covers the latest in World News, Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, Earth Changes, Global Events, New Technologies, Spirituality, Sustainable Practices, Esoteric Topics, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Galactic News. Featuring ground breaking Conscious content that includes Environmental and Social Change movements, Activism and getting people more actively involved in their communities to make substantial change. Starseed Radio is hosted by Jonah Bolt, a modern day renaissance man. Jonah has traveled to over 40 countries world-wide, Has toured the US for motivational speaking, TV & Radio Interviews globally and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and energy toward people awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to help empower people through sustainability of Food, Water, FREE Energy and Education around the globe. He has built a massive network of people who also want to gather the masses to make substantial change aboard Spaceship Earth. Starseed Radio has hosted some of the world's top doctors, scientist's, spiritual leaders, presidential candidates, music artists, authors, visionaries, activists, and other special guests. Over the past 5 years of Starseed Radios broadcast, the show is now reaching listeners in over 162 countries.
Starseed Energy Radio - July 28th, 2012 - Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Media Festival / Steve Robertson - Project Peace on Earth / Rabbi Winkler & Rabbi Miriam - Jewish mysticism & philosophy

SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW: Peter Joseph - an independent filmmaker and social activist. He has written, directed, narrated, scored and produced three non-commercial, self-produced and freely-distributed documentary films called Zeitgeist: The Movie (2007), Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011). He is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement and on the Steering Committee of "Project Peace on Earth. Peter Joseph's work was the subject of articles in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Palm Beach Post, VC Reporter, TheMarker and Globes. / / /

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GUEST INTERVIEW: Steve Robertson - is the Founder and CEO of and Executive Producer of Project-Peace on Earth. He brings over 25 years of fortune 500 corporate executive sales experience infused with extensive personal development training. Recently, on December 25th 2011, Robertson brought all of his cumulative sales, marketing, networking, and negotiating experience together with an acclaimed list of contacts and successfully produced the worldwide Project Peace on Earth concert that was viewed by nearly 100 million homes. /

GUEST INTERVIEW: Rabbi Gershon Winkler - Gershon Winkler is both a renowned scholar as well as a rabbinic trickster. He has authored eleven books, including seven works on Jewish mysticism, philosophy, and folklore, and was initiated in 1978 by the late Kabbalist Rabbi Eliezer Benseon of Jerusalem. For the past twenty years he has lived very close to the earth in remote wilderness regions and currently resides at the Walking Stick Retreat Center as its caretaker. Gershon’s personal draw to wilderness living has brought him to a fresh gleaning of rich Hebraic teachings about the attributes and powers of fauna and flora. Rabbi Winkler flavors his teaching-style with hefty doses of humor, storytelling, ceremonies, and chanting. The Jerusalem Post recently described him as “a blend of Robin Williams and the Baal Shem Tov.”/

GUEST INTERVIEW: Rabbi Miriam Maron, Ph.D, B.S.N., R.N., M.A., - She holds a Ph.D in Kabbalistic Healing from Graduate Theological Institute, a BSN from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a Registered Nurse with a Masters from the University of Southern California. Miriam is a founding member of the Association of Independent Rabbis, Co-Founder of the Institute for the Wisdom of the Masters of the Name ™ and serves on the board of directors of Walking Stick Foundation as its Director of Operations. She is also a member of the World Spirituality Council, alongside such notables as Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston. A spiritual healer and mentor in private practice, Miriam also performs sacred dance and teaches intensives on Jewish Kabbalistic and Shamanic Healing modalities and has facilitated workshops and retreats across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Israel on healing and mind, body, and soul integration. /

GUEST INTERVIEW: Anne Preciado Rich was born and raised in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. In the mid-1970s she moved to the north San Francisco Bay area to enroll in the Psychology program at Sonoma State University. However, having found a much more interesting education in the local nightclubs and bars (it was, after all, 1975), she never finished her first semester. Instead she found work as a seamstress, fitness instructor, cocktail waitress, bartender and radio disc jockey before she at last returned to SSU to obtain a BA in Psychology with a minor in Marketing. /

HEALTH & WELLNESS UPDATES: Thea Summer Deer, Ph.D. is a medical herbalist and intuitive, educator, licensed minister, singer-songwriter and published author. Her involvement in Alternative Medicine spans 35 years as owner of Mindbody and Evolutionary Press, and as the Executive Director of Resources for World Health. She is a graduate of the Botanologos School for Herbal Studies and received her doctorate from Venus Rising University in Philosophy/Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies. /

MUSIC ARTIST GUEST: (ohm) omkar deva - Om at Last is a new spiritual global tribal trance band, weaving a cosmic alchemical fusion of dynamic beats, world tribal grooves, devotional chants and psychedelic electronica. Produced and directed by Omkaro (a.k.a. Om), OM AT LAST is dedicated to creating uplifting transformational music and events which energize, expand, activate, heal, realign, and unify us. Omkaro a.k.a. Om, is the founder, producer, and leader of this unique band.. Besides a musician and composer, he is a modern-day shaman, spiritual healer, and music producer. /

FINANCIAL & PRECIOUS METALS UPDATES: Brad Hugh Morris - President of Precious Metals Now - PMN is a company dedicated to educating you about the opportunities currently available in the precious metals arena. There approach provides a creative strategy for diversifying one’s assets with precious metals in these times of change. /

WORLD NEWS 3D UPDATES: Ryan Matthew Dernick - Writter for GCN Network and is the founder and author of Bell wether Post. UPDATES ON: Politics, Earth Changes, World Events as they unfold. /

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