Starseed Radio is a action based radio show with a plan to help build self empowerment of one's self, family and there community through ancient knowledge, secret information and technology to sustain the planet. The commentator Jonah Bolt covers the latest in World News, Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, Earth Changes, Global Events, New Technologies, Spirituality, Sustainable Practices, Esoteric Topics, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Galactic News. Featuring ground breaking Conscious content that includes Environmental and Social Change movements, Activism and getting people more actively involved in their communities to make substantial change. Starseed Radio is hosted by Jonah Bolt, a modern day renaissance man. Jonah has traveled to over 40 countries world-wide, Has toured the US for motivational speaking, TV & Radio Interviews globally and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and energy toward people awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to help empower people through sustainability of Food, Water, FREE Energy and Education around the globe. He has built a massive network of people who also want to gather the masses to make substantial change aboard Spaceship Earth. Starseed Radio has hosted some of the world's top doctors, scientist's, spiritual leaders, presidential candidates, music artists, authors, visionaries, activists, and other special guests. Over the past 5 years of Starseed Radios broadcast, the show is now reaching listeners in over 162 countries.
S.E.R. - Dec. 15th, 2012 - Don Miguel Ruiz -The 4 Agreements / Jaap van Etten - Researcher / Jane Doherty - Crystal skull Maya / Sherry Whitfield - Crystal skull Synergy / Raymond Tarpey - Mayan history / Chris Morton - BBC Documentary / Frank Joseph

GUEST: Don Miguel Ruiz - Author of The Four Agreements (seven years on the New York Times Bestseller list), The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, Prayers, and The Fifth Agreement (co-authored with his son, don Jose Ruiz). Don Miguel left a highly successful career as a surgeon to carry on the family tradition of Toltec wisdom, assume the mantle of nagual (shaman), and ultimately translate and offer those teachings to a worldwide audience. Don Miguel has combined old wisdom with modern insights & created a new message for all mankind, based in truth & common sense. /

GUEST: Jaap van Etten – Master of ceremonies on the “ Crystal skulls return to Atlantis “ cruise. Scientific Approach To The Crystal Skull Phenomenon. In an subject matter that could seem very esoteric, Jaap van Etten is a refreshingly good representative of the crystal skull phenomenon, beautifully marrying the esoteric with the scientific in a way that is easy to understand.Van Etten's scientific perspective provides a strong foundation of credibility and understanding regarding the energy of crystal skulls. Jaap van Etten has eloquently summarized his findings on the crystal skulls in his new book Crystal Skulls - Interacting with the Phenomenon. / 

GUEST: Sherry Whitfield - Guardian of crystal skull Synergy. Sherry began “listening” to Synergy when dealing with clients who came to her for intuitive spiritual counseling and to her workshops about Angels. She also displayed it at her gift galleries. Then, in 2005, a man from an island off of the coast of New Zealand, who’d seen a photo of Synergy in a newspaper, visited her, and experienced Synergy. He felt it was a “reunion.” He brought a small modern amethyst skull that had been in Synergy’s energy field back to the tribe’s chief and Shaman. They corroborated his feelings and then told Sherry a most-unusual story of how Synergy had once belonged to their tribe for thousands of generations. This Native tribe still reveres other ancient skull artifacts today. /

GUEST: Jane Doherty - When author, psychic and ghostbuster Jane Doherty lectured at the Breakfast Club, San Francisco's premiere high society club, she turned cautiously minded skeptics into soft-hearted, warm believers giddy with their newly found psychic possibilities. Jane is living proof that paranormal abilities can be acquired and with her first book, Awakening the Mystic Gift: The Surprising Truth About What It Means to Be Psychic, she wants to teach that message to the world. Widely recognized and respected for her extraordinary skill and sensitivity, she has been featured on Fox Network News, CNN, The Today Show, Sightings, MSNBC Investigates, Jenny Jones, WB11 and numerous publications, including The New York Times, New York Post, The Industry Standard and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She has been named "one of the top twenty psychics" by Hans Holzer in Woman's Own magazine and interviewed on more than 75 radio stations including one in Austria and England. Reuters news media has featured her in Australia, Austria, Germany, England, Russia, and the major Spanish network, Telemundo. /

Guest: Raymond Tarpey - A trained historian; his main area of research is Mayan/ Aztec history and spirituality. He also does extensive research on the spiritual legacies of the ancient cultures of China, Japan, the Anasazi and the Inca. This path, along with information from the Edgar Cayce readings has led him also to do major research on the Crystal Skulls, the ‘lost continents’ of Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria. Raymond holds an MA degree in Chinese History and Language. He is an accomplished linguist, fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is a student of Mayan languages and classical Aztec Nahuatl. He has given presentations on the Mayan Calendar, the Spiritual Legacies of Mu/Lemuria & Atlantis, the Crystal Skulls, and the Mayan 2012 Prophecies in many cities across the U.S. and Canada. /

GUEST: Chris Morton - Producer of BBC Documentary "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" and many other books. Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas are independent writers and film-makers who first began their research into crystal skulls over 13 years ago. This documentary has been shown on BBC television and on the A&E network in the US and Canada, and on numerous other television stations around the world. The information Chris and Ceri obtained about crystal skulls whilst researching this documentary, they felt was so important they had to write a book about it. This book, ‘THE MYSTERY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS’, the original factual book on the subject, has now become a bestseller. It has sold over 100,000 copies so far, and been translated into fifteen languages. /

GUEST: Frank Joseph - Based on more than 25 years of research around the globe and statements from Edgar Cayce about Atlantis and its Pacific sister civilization of Lemuria, Frank Joseph reveals that the Mayan Calendar was brought to Mexico by survivors of Atlantis. Uncovering the Atlantean influences in both ancient Mesoamerican culture and ancient Egyptian culture, he links the demise of Atlantis with the birth of the Olmec civilization in Mexico (the progenitors of the Maya), the beginning of the first Egyptian dynasty, and the start of the Mayan Calendar. Joseph explains that the Mayan Calendar was invented by the combined genius of Atlantis and Lemuria and describes how it predicts an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal. Correlating this recurring cycle with scientific studies on glacial ice cores and predictions from the Hopi, the Incas, and the Scandinavian Norse, Joseph reveals that 2012 could be the start of a new ice age and the advent of a massive solar storm. /

GUEST: Lupito - The creator of the crystal singing bowls. Bowls made of crystal quartz. He is a sensible human being, who opened his heart and let Our Cosmic God guide his life. He experienced two spiritual awakenings. One in 1996 when he understood the divine energy in him and his responsibility to expand the frequency of love throughout the planet. His second awakening was the full realization and clarity to embrace the divine energy of love and this time he accepted the responsibility to open group activations, guiding individuals to assume full responsibility to activate others. His mission is to invite everyone who is fully open in heart to reach their own mastery of love consciousness. He does not want followers, he wants to awaken the master inside everyone who decides so. /

5D ARCTURIAN GALACTIC UPDATES: Ambassador Arcturus RA - High Council of Arcturus & a Arcturian Scientist. An Arcturian scientist thats bringing ancient futuristic inphotonic gadgets back to this dimension and to help actively anchor light in this world. /

ORION COUNCIL 5D UPDATE: Krista (Atunya) - Ambassador of Light & Channel for the Orion Council - one of the High Level Ambassadors of Light who has observed the planet for some time before deciding to incarnate at this very specific time. She is very much connected to the Earth, yet has family ties within the Lyran and Pleiadian star systems. /

HEALTH & WELLNESS UPDATES: Wind Fox – At Wind Fox Herbal we have a very high and well substantiated rate of success with the clients we work with. We practice rigorous quality control - all the herbs used at Wind Fox Herbal are grown organically, ethically wild harvested from areas free of contamination, or obtained from trusted, reliable sources (local whenever possible). It is our personal guarantee to use only the purest, most potent, and ecologically sound herbs available in all of our formulations. / 

WORLD EVENTS UPDATES: Elizabeth colton - Elizabeth's career includes and bridges diplomacy, journalism, scholarship, U.S. and international politics and education, working in more than 100 countries and speaking/teaching worldwide on six continents. Liz Colton has spent decades as an observer, practitioner and analyst of foreign policy, global diplomacy, politics, and the media with unique experience covering and working as journalist, diplomat, and educator in these fields in the U.S. and around the world. As an international journalist (in tv, radio, news, magazines, wires and newspaper stringer), Colton covered all the Middle East, also Europe, Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and the Pacific. As a diplomatic correspondent in Washington, she covered U.S. foreign policy and world affairs. As an executive editor, she edited and managed 10 weekly newspapers in Northern Virginia.

MUSIC ARTIST: Aprile Plummer - Singer, Song Writter, Producer - This song was written at time of great transformation for me, I was shaking off all the negative energy around me and preparing for the road ahead. I wanted to write a song about upliftment and empowerment, a song that said you don't have to be what everyone wants you to be, you can "BREAK FREE" from what society and even your own self doubt says you should be. I love life and have a passion for everything I do in it, and I wanted to share that passion with the world. /

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